What a blessed day

I took my family to lunch yesterday at Spring Creek barbecue in Arlington Texas. As we were standing in line the senior gentlemen in front of us was alone and had a tray of food waiting to pay. When he got to the cashier, the cashier told him the guy in front of him paid for his meal. The elderly gentlemen was grateful and somewhat shocked. I told him, “now that’s a blessing” and he replied It sure is”.
We sat down and he was at the table behind us eating alone. We asked if he wanted some company and if he would mind us eating with him. He said “sure that would be great.” Getting into conversation with him he told us he was a 23 year Air Force veteran and has lived in Texas since 1941. He attended church regularly and was a believer in the good lord Jesus Christ. After lunch was over we gave him our business card and told him to call if he needed anything.
After we left, we felt very blessed and honored to meet this good man who served this great country well for 23 years and was proud to be an American and serve his country.
The next time you see a senior citizen eating alone at the diner, please ask if they would like some company and get to know these incredible people who many in society have disrespected or ignored.
To the gentlemen who paid for his meal, we want to thank you whoever you are and encourage everyone to do the same the next time you see one of our honored seniors at a restaurant.

Fred Durnbaugh

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