Processing the Auction

Quality and efficiency are vital to processing an auction properly. The average time for processing a 400 lot auction should be approximately 4-7 days max. Take one step at a time and follow the time tested, proven process. Quality is key to a successful auction.
Learn from mistakes and always seek to improve your system!

Writing a Quality Description

Remember (BMDM) Brand name, Model number, Describe it, Measurements, when writing descriptions. A good description achieves many goals.

Well informed bidders = higher bids
More search engine friendly = more bids
Educates you for future reference

The following are actual descriptions taken from online auction companies. We have rewritten the descriptions per our standards.

RESEARCH THE PRODUCT, Google is your friend, use image search if needed. Keep your personal opinion out, just describe it. Remember BMDM = Brand-name, Model-number, Describe-it, Measurements. Keep it as short as possible, you have to buy the ink to print the invoices, AND ALWAYS USE SBELCHEKE!!

NOTE: Do not state “Tested and working”, “In working condition”, “Works” etc. This statement may be construed as a De-Facto warranty or guarantee. Remember “Caveat Emptor – All items sold as is”. Just honestly describe what it is.

Take Quality pics

Image/Presentation is Everything!!

Quality photos = quality bids = quality paycheck $

Many bidders will bid on the photo alone and not even read the description. Be sure to use the recommendations in the list below for best results.

Writing a Quality Description

There are 2 groups to which you must advertise & market. Sellers & Bidders. The goal is to let sellers know you are the solution to their liquidation problem & bidders desire inventory. Bottom line – place your business info on quality advertising sites whenever possible.

Each Auction company should focus 75% advertising resources on securing new sellers/consignors and 25% on buyers. Remember Auction Spear has focused 75% so the auction companies can focus more on new sellers/consignors.

Advertising is not an option. It must be done if you want to grow your business! Do not expect someone else to do it for you!

Preview & Pick Up Days

Preview day is required per contract and allows customers to personally inspect the items they want to bid on. A good preview can help increase bids. Auction Spear requires a minimum 3 hours for preview. Pick up day is a chance to get to know your customers and build a relationship with them. Many buyers become sellers as well.
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