30 Day Goals

60 Day Goals

Protect Yourself & Your Business

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Seek the advice of an attorney.

Always consult with a licensed attorney when operating your business. The up front cost spent on a good attorney may save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. Have the attorney review your contracts and business practices for any possible liabilities that he may foresee.

Abide by the law.

Consulting with a good attorney, abiding by the law and industry standards will help greatly reduce the chances of a lawsuit. The law is written to protect consumers as well as business owners alike.

Always obtain a signed contract prior to performing any work.

A well written contract, such as the contract templates available in the Independent Associate tool box, helps reduce conflict and the chance of a lawsuit. Our contracts have been attorney reviewed and updated specifically for the Auction Spear team. We highly recommend having your attorney review the contracts prior to use.

Use Contracts as a Tool

Terms & conditions and your contracts may be the only thing that prevent a law suit. You should know your terms and conditions and contracts inside and out for your protection. When a customer calls with an issue always refer to the terms and conditions or portion of the contract that applies to that situation. Never try to “wing it” and guess. The best statement you can make to a customer with an issue is, “according to our terms & conditions/contract…..” followed up by the specific part that applies to their issue. This not only protects you but sends a message to the customer that they agreed to these when they signed on board. Contracts and Terms & Conditions should be used as a tool to your benefit and protection. The online auctioneer tool box includes professionally written and attorney reviewed contracts for service.

Points to remember when operating your online auction business

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