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We are the number one online auction company for independent auctioneers. But don’t take our word for it. Read our client and customer testimonials.

I love this company because they are honest! Hardworking and trustworthy. I used another liquidation company who really scammed me and then I used Auction Spear and it was so refreshing and so easy!! They handled everything for me and got really good prices for me. They really care!

Bella Events

My first experience with an auction! Delighted by everything!

Jeanette P.

Everyone was friendly and customer service was excellent !

Jason M.

Great people to work with!! Highly recommended!!

Bella Events

Awesome online auction company!! Highly recommended

Raul P.

Great team of people to work with!!

John G.

Awesome auction house. Great to deal with!

Ron H.

They've worked hard and honest to get where they are.

Judy Y.

Great Folks!

Charlie C.

A pleasure doing business. Excellent and prompt service.

Marvin L.

Friendly and auction quality items.

Deborah B.

Reliable professional in every respect.

Tim H.

Real Go-Getters! Friendly and Professional.

Shirley D.

Love these people!!!!! Honest, reliable and every adjective you can imagine.

Sally C.

I have purchased from Auction Spear and also worked for them. They are probably the most honest auction houses I have seen. Very Reputable and take pride in the products they are selling. I would highly recommend!

Kenny S.

Auction Spear associates are very professional and carry themselves with dignity. They always go the extra mile to make sure their customers are taken care of and pleased with every outcome.

Shaina L.

Excellent customer service. Great product and great deals.

Willy S.

They provided a good platform for my business needs to make us more profitable. Fred is very knowledgeable and available when needed. I'm looking forward to a long term partnership. Thanks Guys!

Wyatt C.

Customer Service, Offerings, Other, Quality, Timeliness The auctioneer and family were courteous and kind. Very thoughtful and caring to my needs and requests. Their communication was far above standard and deeply appreciated. Wish they would sell more in my neck of the woods! I live in Springtown, Tx and participate in auctions within miles of my home. By far this is one of the best auction houses in D/FW!

Ann T.

Everything was right on the money! Wonderful company great people, no haggles, no arguments, doing business was top of the line. Thank You!

Ted T.

Extremely helpful and kind staff. Efficiently located all of my items and loaded them onto handy cart. Didn't rush me while I packed the car. 5 stars!!!

Laurel B.

    Outstanding people

    John P.

    One of the best auction services in the DFW metroplex area hands down!

    Mark D.

    Your just good people it has always been a pleasure

    Allen M.

    Excellent resource for both buying and selling. There are a lot of sketchy auctioneers in the DFW Metroplex and it is always a fair, honest transaction with these awesome folks.

    Mary S.


    Paula M.

    Thank you for the wonderful auction experience. We had no idea what to expect. We appreciate all the hard work & effort you extended.

    Terri P.

    Perfect, always nice, friendly , business type people. There #1 I’m my books.Thank you!

    Paula K.

    They are the best...I have bought from them for years and worked with them as well.

    Lynn M.

    Your staff was very friendly and courteous. Looking forward to doing business with you all again.

    Ricardo S.

    AUCTION SPEAR has been an absolutely wonderful company to work with. Honest, extremely efficient and an all around good and fun group of people to work with.

    Jill S.

      I’ve been buying from these people for years. They are very honest and friendly. They always have a time for you to go preview anything you are interested in bidding on. I have never had a bad experience and totally enjoy my auction adventures with them. Highly recommended!

      Danny D.

      Like the variety of treasure that I can bid on and pick up locally!


      Not being familiar with how the auction industry operates, it was a relief to find Auction Spear. They possess a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise and immediately came across as honest, forthright and patient, answering all my questions and putting me at ease with the process. It was a pleasure working with them and I recommend their services highly.

      EA. Wilson Inc.

      Outstanding job you have done photoing and listing for this customer. This will be my 3 auction with you. You have always made it a pleasure.

      Bill K.

      Great service. A pleasure to do business with. Highly recommend!

      Steven S.

      Always friendly and helpful crew. This is truly one of my favorite Auctions to work with.

      Catherine H.

      This a local family owned business and are one of the best Auctioneers in the DFW area... Always professional and courteous. I have been buying for years and will continue to do so... Thanks

      Robert K.

      This auction company is professional, efficient and honest. They exceeded my expectations and were very quick. They respected my time and my property. Friendly and easy to do business with. Highly recommended

      James R.

      One of the best to work with as a buyer and a seller, They go all out to bring the best quality merchandise to the market.They treat all with RESPECT. The hardest working group I have encountered.

      Mark G

      If you like bidding or searching for gems, this is the place. Check out their website for details. Lots of different ways to have some fun and sell stuff.

      Blue Moose Vending Management

      Yesterday I participated in my first local online auction with Auction Spear. I found the descriptions and photos to be adequate but went to the preview to verify the descriptions and condition of the items. All was good. While there I spoke with the owner about the process and his business. I find it interesting to learn about people and their work. The owner and his crew were friendly and open. Items in the crowded building, a closing business, were well labeled and as well sorted as possible in the limited space. The bidding process: Though it is not stated explicitly on the website you may enter your maximum bid but it is only shown to the public as the minimum allowed bid. If someone outbids you your bid increases by whatever minimum bid increment is set for the item, it varies by item, unless your maximum bid is exceeded. The main auction webpage, your favorites list if you created one, and the item page all update in real time as bids come in. If an item receives a bid that exceeds your minimum this is highlighted on the website and you receive an email immediately. Any bids that are entered within the last three minutes before the item closes bidding is extended for three minutes, protecting you from "snipers." The process went smoothly and I arrived when the advertised pickup time the next day. Few people were there, likely due to the weather, and despite notices on the website to bring your own help the workers there helped me locate and gather all my items. When I say "helped" I mean she basically did it all. I understand that this is not always the case if many people arrive at once. In any case, be sure to tip the temporary workers who help you. you just got a bargain, right. On the website's help wanted section you can see they don't make much. So, did I get a deal? Oh heck yes. New in box technical items, obscure costly test equipment, parts I never thought I'd find... it was great. I noticed that prices on more standard items, things everyone recognized, were bid to significantly higher prices, but the more obscure parts were an absolute steal. I got a deal, the process was easy, and I met some nice people. 5-Stars

      Bill K.

      This team's professionalism and work ethic exceeds their competition by leaps and bounds.

      Mark D.

      Friendly helpful people as always. It’s always a pleasure to work with this auction. The items are always as described and the people who work this auction are always quick to Help.

      Catherine H.

      Auction Spear has helped me on many occasions, been my life saver and solution for my last minute , empty my warehouse in a Matter of a week

      Marco R.

      Great customer service, attention to detail. Great company to work with!

      Mary M.

      What a wonderful experience! So professional and caring! We were liquidating our warehouse of vases, decor items and rental items. They came out, grouped it together, took photos, posted great photos online and got a great amount of exposure for our goods. I didn't have to do anything!! They sold it for us, came out and helped customers get their goodies and load up their stuff, then they even swept out my warehouse. I just cannot say enough nice things about this company. They had a great following and got top dollar for my stuff! I would definitely use them again!

      Bambi B.

      Great team to work with! Will be buying more items for sure!.

      Tim P.

      I have worked with these folks in the past and they are awesome!!! You can get some pretty amazing deals! I would recommend them highly!

      Carl S.

      Awesome family, full of integrity. Hardworking and excellent customer service, I highly recommend!

      Chris G.

      Best organized auction I’ve been to.

      Ryan L.

      Easy transaction. Friendly people. Good value.

      Eric B.
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