Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) whether you are a bidder, seller, or have general inquiries about Auction Spear services.


Auction Spear does not offer or provide appraisal services and does not give valuations on items. Auction Spear is a provider of online auction platforms only.

This would be an estate sale. You can contact one of the Auction Spear associate companies and they will be in contact within 24 hours or less to schedule a free assessment.

A buyer’s premium is paid by the buyers and goes to the website host to pay for the auction website platform and advertising.
The commission rate is negotiated between the seller and with each individual auction. Auction Spear does not set an individual auction company's commission rates.
This could be because our records indicate multiple attempts to register fraudulent accounts on our platform which is a violation of our terms and conditions.
Yes, there is a buyer’s premium. It is mentioned in our terms and conditions when registering as well as the terms and conditions under each auction. The premium is 18% and a 3% discount for cash buyers.

Fill out the form on the Contact Us page. Select the “Starting my own Online Auction Business” option. Please place us on your email safelist to ensure you receive the email with information on starting your online auction business.

Submit your name and contact info on our Contact Us page. We do keep the contact info for all interested candidates. The position would be a 1099 independent contractor and is on call.

We do not do buyouts. We recommend an auction as it will yield a much higher return on investment than a buyout. Contact one of the independent estate auctioneers or liquidation auctioneers on our associates’ page to help with your items.

Contact one of the independent estate auctioneers or liquidation auctioneers on our associates’ page to help with your items.

Under auction law and our terms and conditions, when the hammer drops or the lot closes, both buyer and seller are financially obligated to complete the transaction. This is part of the Caveat Emptor clause of auctions; when the hammer drops, or the lot closes the bidder bought it period, whether they want it or not. A transaction in an auction is treated differently than retail transactions in that the buyer is obligated to complete the payment of the items whether or not they take possession. If they don’t take possession and you resell the items for less than the original invoice owed, then you can send them to collections for the difference, if any. In some cases, sellers/consignors simply take back the items and keep them. An auction company can then send the entire balance owed on the invoice due to the fact they will not be able to re-auction the items and it is a total loss eligible for collection action.

Send PayPal a copy of the terms and conditions along with a copy of the invoice and emphasis that "all items are sold as-is with no refunds or exchanges." Bidders who charge-back payments are blocked until the matter is resolved with the auction company. If the matter cannot be resolved and payment is not made the bidder may be banned from the Auction Spear site.

Most online auctions run 7-10 days. Larger auctions with over 500 lots may last 10-15 days. The length of auctions is really up to you.


A couple of things could cause your bidding ability to be disabled. The system automatically disables bidders who have not paid an outstanding invoice. Contact the individual seller to take care of your outstanding balance. Once we verify your account details via a phone conversation with you, we will reinstate your account.

Our security system also blocks bidders who have placed an excess number of bids. This is to prevent fraudulent bidding and is simply a preventative measure. Once you take care of the invoices, we will verify your account details via a phone conversation with you and reinstate your account.

Our system may have blocked your account due to a VoIP Google registered phone number. We have experienced several fraudulent accounts from this type of phone number and have implemented an automatic block on these types of phone numbers. To enable the account, please change the phone number to either a landline or cell phone number that will be verified.

You can register for free at No credit card and no membership fees are required. Once you have registered, go to the specific lot in the auction and place the desired bid amount in the box titled “Place Your Bid” then click the “Bid” button to the right.

To place a max bid, simply type in the max dollar amount you want in the "Place Your Bid" box on the lot you are bidding on. The system will only bid the next required increment up to your max bid. For example, if you place a $10 bid on an item with no bids, the system will only show you bid $1, the required increment. If someone bids against you for $2, the system will auto bid for you until it reaches your max of $10. The system will only bid the next required increment unless someone else has a higher max bid than yours.
Per Texas auction law, items can be removed from an auction per the seller’s request prior to the close of the item lots. While we discourage all Auction Spear affiliates and sub-affiliates from this practice, is an independent provider of online auction platforms only and does not manage or dictate the day-to-day operations of the independent associate auction companies that lease space on the site. Each auction company is an independent business and makes its own decisions on the removal of items or not. We recommend contacting the specific auction company to which this occurred if you have any other questions regarding the removal of the items in question.
Per our Terms and Conditions, section 2, Sales: "...Extension and Close of Internet Bidding - At the scheduled date and online sale closing period of a sale, items will begin to close at a predetermined number of items per minute. All online sales may be subject to FRLA automatic extension system defined as follows: If an item receives a bid with less than three (3) minutes remaining until closing, the close time will be extended by three (3) minutes and will continue to extend by three (3) minutes with each newly placed bid. The item will not close until three (3) minutes have elapsed with no additional bid activity."
Bids can be canceled up to one hour prior to the auction closing time, after which, bids will remain and are final.
Unfortunately, items are not available for view until the scheduled preview day.

When viewing an auction, you can click the title on the home page. Then click on “Jump to Auction Terms and Details” at the top of the inventory list to see previews. Otherwise, contact the specific auction company that is running the auction for the address to view items physically.

Auctions have a staggered closing meaning if an auction starts at 7:00 p.m. the first 3 lots will close, then each minute that passes, 3 more lots will close until the entire auction closes out which usually takes a couple of hours. Keep in mind bidding is auto-extended another 3 minutes if a bid is placed within 3 minutes prior to the lot closing, this will continue if there is bid activity on the lot.
You will receive an email when someone has outbid you on items. If you do not see emails containing outbid notifications, please check the spam/junk mail folder in your email. You can always log into your account and use the “Watched Lots” option.


Invoices will only generate after the entire auction has closed and will appear in the "Invoices" tab of your account dashboard. All winning invoice notifications are emailed after the entire auction has closed. If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder. If the email is not there, log into your account and look under the tab in your dashboard titled "Invoices." You can view all of your current and past invoices at any time.
Each auction company is an independent business that leases space on the site and sets its own payment methods. Please check what methods are accepted before bidding. Some do take online payments while others may accept cash. You can contact the auction house directly to see what methods are accepted.
Log into your Auction Spear account. Under the tabs at the top of the page, click on “Dashboard.” Then on the tabs at the left, click on “Your Bids” or “Watched Lots,” either tab will show what you have bid on. Once the auction closes you will receive an email if you won items with a link to your account. You can also look under the “Invoices” tab to see all invoices to which you have won items. Please check your spam/junk folders as the email may go to them and will need to be placed on your email safe list.
We can reach out to the auction company and ask them to resolve the matter quickly. Once it’s resolved, we can reinstate your account.
Unfortunately, checks are not accepted of any type. The discount applies to cash and electronic payments that do not charge a fee such as Zellepay, Cashapp, and Venmo.
Yes, outstanding invoices must be paid in order to bid on new items. We usually restore bidding privileges within 24 hours after receiving notice from the auction company of the invoice paid.
Sales tax can be removed at each auction company product pick-up day. Simply bring the sales tax ID number and the taxes can be removed from the invoice.

Shipping/Delivery/Pick Up

Please contact the specific auction company to which the invoice is with to resolve this matter. Their contact information is located on the invoice. If you can not reach the auction house within a reasonable time, reach out to and we can try to reach them for you.
The address for pick-up is located on the top of the invoice and online under the auction title to which bids were made.
Each auction company on the Auction Spear website is an independent business, and as such, some may or may not offer shipping. Please contact the auction of interest to see if shipping arrangements can be made.
Unfortunately, checks are not accepted of any type. The discount applies to cash and electronic payments that do not charge a fee such as Zellepay, Cashapp, and Venmo.
Each auction company is an independent business that leases space on the site. Auction Spear does not dictate or manage the operations of these businesses. Each auction company sets its own dates and times according to its schedule. Preview and pickup dates/times can be viewed in the "Jump to Auction Terms and Details" at the top of the auction lot list in each auction.


The “Home” page tab rotates randomly all auctions posted to give equal “top of page exposure” to all auctions. The “All Auctions” tab has the auctions in calendar order of date closing.
Unfortunately, we no longer hold live auctions due to a dramatic drop in attendance over the past years because of the popularity of internet auctions.
Yes, items can be viewed prior to bidding. Each auction on the website is owned by independent businesses who lease space on the site and as such, each auction has different viewing dates and times. You can view the schedule in the details section of each auction on the home page.

Click this link “Closed Auctions” and you will see an archive of auctions.

The address will be posted on the site the day before the preview for security reasons.
Please contact the specific auction company directly to resolve any disputes or disagreements as each auction company is an independent business and as such, we do not manage them or their day-to-day operations. If you are not able to resolve the issue on your own, please let us know.
Yes, we automatically add your email address to our bulk mailing system when you register to bid. If an auction is affected by coronavirus complications, you will be notified.
Most online auctions run 7-10 days. Larger auctions with over 500 lots may last 10-15 days. Length of auctions depends on the preferences of independent auction houses.
It is possible to build your own personalized auction by clicking on the "Add to Watchlist" button below the lots you are interested in. The system will place only those "watchlist" items in your dashboard under the "Watched Lots" tab.
If you are sent to collections, the individual auction house is taking action to collect on an outstanding invoice after they attempted to make contact several times with no response. Your bidder account will is suspended. Our terms and conditions state we may utilize a third-party collection agency for unpaid invoices.


Please verify the new phone number with the security code sent to you from the Auction Spear account.
Bidding privileges are blocked due to a balance owed on your account. Please contact the auction company to which the balance is owed to resolve. Once we receive notice from them of the resolution, we will reinstate bidding privileges. Please do not attempt to re-register until this matter is resolved.
An account can be suspended due to multiple fraudulent accounts with unpaid invoices.
On the Auction Spear login page, click on the "Forgot Password" hyperlink to reset the password. Auction Spear administrators do not have access to bidder passwords for security reasons.
Each Auction Spear affiliate processes invoices one of two ways. Either onsite when items are paid for or within 48 hours after the close of the pickup day. If the invoice has not been processed within the 48-hour time frame, please contact the auction company where the purchase was made.
Before you try to create a new account, delete your browser history and cookies. Check your firewall settings and see if your browser needs any updates as well. If this doesn’t work, try resetting your password. If you continue to have issues, please contact us and we will have IT look at your account.
On your invoice, it will be in the upper right corner. If logged into your account, it will be in the upper right corner next to your name.
We do not allow you to save credit card info on for security reasons.
Please check your email spam folder as the reset email may have ended up there. If it is not there, try clicking the “Forgot Password” button and trying again.


Unfortunately, per our terms and conditions, we do not offer refunds.
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