About Auction Spear

Auction Spear LLC is a family-owned and operated quality online auction system based in Arlington TX. We started with a simple goal of helping customers buy and sell with ease in 2012. We now offer a turnkey online auction business nationwide for anyone determined to forge their own destiny.

The Owner started buying and selling through auctions after being laid off in 2011. Seeing how he could make a profitable business by selling items online, he started Auction Spear to help others have the same success. As a business owner, he understands the efforts one needs to be successful in the online auction world. He strives to be the best online auction business in the nation, providing the opportunity for other business owners to sell quality items to their customers.

Values First

Auction Spear LLC has grown exponentially since its first year in business. The company’s incredible growth is due to its founders, faith in God, and the trust their customers place in them. Our work is guided by our commitment to God, freedom, and continuous improvement in all we do. Our values allow us to encourage, support, and help prosper our society through a consistent successful business model.

We pride ourselves on our quality customer service and user-friendly website. Unlike our competitors, Auction Spear performs a complete background check on each auction company candidate, and once approved they are placed on a 90-day probation to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.

Who is Auction Spear LLC?

With expert support staff and professional experienced online auction companies, an award-winning auction website www.AuctionSpear.com, and your hard work and determination as a business owner, your online auction business success is nearly guaranteed.  We have a great sense of humor and encourage our customers to have fun with their auction business.

Our team includes:

Along with your hard work, determination, persistence, and integrity, the Auction Spear support team is here to help you achieve success every step of the way.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

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2019 "Excellence Award"

2020 Lunch Sponsor Award Texas Auctioneers Association

Great customer service, attention to detail. Great company to work with!

Mary M.

Everyone was friendly and customer service was excellent!

Jason M.

A pleasure doing business. Excellent and prompt service.

Marvin L.

Awesome online auction company!! Highly recommended.

Raul P.
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